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[OOC info]

Sydney has several abilities as a vessel of the Dark/necromantic priest, most of which have naturally been 'muted' by his chip. Which functionally means in this case he can't 'read' anything from you without permission (though he's also highly perceptive and may start to figure things out through non-supernatural means). However, if you give me permission, I'd love to play with some of his powers!

1) Ability to sense like. By this I mean, if you've made a dark pact, are a demon, are undead, etc, Sydney can probably sense that in you. If I OOCly know you have, I may ask in the comment itself, ie, ((OOC: Sydney's essentially a necromancer, permission to sense that you're actually a vampire?)). However, I may not know, so if you want Sydney to sense something off your character, feel free to tell me, either in the comments to this post or -- wherever really *g* be it IRC, gchat, e-mail, in the comment itself... I'M OPEN and wanna play with this stuff \o/. Naturally, also, if he can sense something off you, feel free to sense something off him.

2) On that note, Sydney is known as a prophet because he can "hear" the past. This usually means that when he meets someone, he may sense a tragedy in their past (ie, when he first met Ashley, he realized Ashley's wife and kid were dead AND that Ashley was lying to himself about how it happened. IF the person is lying about it, btw, Sydney doens't know the truth, but he can 'replay' it for the person a few times to see if they start clueing in to where things are wrong). Alternately, in conversation, something might come up (ie, someone calls him a fiend, he realizes suddenly that she joined the church because she's terrified of demons and dark powers). In all these cases, I will never do this unless the player a) wants me to and b) tells me what exactly he'd notice. I'd LOVE to play it out, but I'd hate to pass player lines! So again, feel free to tell me if at any point you want to play it out. I'm just assuming that the chip is 'blurring' his ability with occasional bursts of clarity (in the cases of player permission). SO AGAIN. Feel free to drop a line here or in individual comments or whatever ♥.

3) Technically he can coerce reactions and isn't afraid to do so. Er. With a kind of mind-control. The chip is DEFINITELY blocking this, and even if it wasn't, it isn't complete dominance (the one time in canon we see him do it, the other person is aware Sydney is forcing him to react and say things he doesn't want to, and gets very pissed about it). Normally I'd never mention this one, but hey if anyone has a mind control kink, we can talk? *g*


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